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Scam and Fraud Claims

Compensation claims for scam and fraud victims

Scams and fraud have become increasingly widespread in recent years as how we live and communicate with each other has changed.

LawPlus Solicitors understands the devastating impact that falling victim to these can have, not just financially but on your emotional wellbeing.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed or that what’s happened is your fault. Instead, get in touch with us and take the first steps to getting your money back.

What types of scam and fraud claims can LawPlus Solicitors help me with?

  • If you’ve been a victim of investment or cryptocurrency fraud
  • If you’ve sent money to someone as part of an impersonation or romance scam
  • Other “push payment” scams and types of financial fraud

Investment scams

If you’ve been tricked into investing into an “opportunity” that turned out to be a scam, we can help you get your money back. Investment scammers will often contact you out of the blue to tell you about their “opportunity” and may pose as a broker, financial adviser or investment house to get you to part with your money. Such scammers may also offer a range of “investments,” including cryptocurrency and foreign exchange, or forex. Investment scammers often go to the trouble of setting up websites and social media accounts to make themselves appear legitimate. Experienced, professional investors have been known to fall victim to such scams, so you shouldn’t feel like it’s happened to you because you’re inexperienced in such matters.

Cryptocurrency scams

As cryptocurrency has become more mainstream in recent years, opportunities to invest in cryptocurrency have also proliferated. However, this has also led to a huge increase in fraud as well as people offering what seem like sound crypto investment opportunities that are really a cover for a scam. If you’ve lost your money in a cryptocurrency scam, get in touch with us today.

Impersonation scams

These types of scams have been around for years, but their frequency increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have fallen victim to such a scam after clicking a link in an email or text messages, known as phishing and smishing respectively. Impersonation scammers contact you posing as a well-known and trusted organisation or company, like HMRC, PayPal, utilities companies and even Royal Mail and other delivery firms. They might tell you that you need to pay a fee or move your money somewhere else to keep it safe. Impersonation scammers create a sense of urgency to get you to transfer money or enter your details into a fraudulent website, so it can be easy to fall for these. If you’ve lost money this way, contact us now.

Romance scams

Romance scams also increased in frequency during the pandemic. These happen when you’re tricked into sending someone money who you believe you’re in a relationship with. You’ll typically meet someone online, they’ll tell you they work or live overseas, which is why they can’t meet you in person, and will often tap into your emotions by claiming to be in a difficult and perhaps even life-threatening situation. However, they’ll ask for money after spending months building your trust to the point you feel genuinely in love with them. A request for money will often take the form of asking for a loan, which you’ll get back “soon, when we can be together.” Many people have been scammed into sending money this way, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if it’s happened to you. Instead, get in touch with us now to take the first steps in getting your money back.

Purchase scams

Purchase scams are when you send money to someone for an item that never arrives. Traditionally, purchase scams involved significant sums of money relating to things like cars. More recently, purchase scams have also become common for lower value, in-demand items, like smartphones and games consoles. Purchase scams can be very convincing and often appear as offers you can’t refuse, so it’s easy to fall for them. It often only becomes apparent you’ve been a victim if an item fails to arrive or a package turns up with something other than what you purchased inside it. If this has happened to you, contact LawPlus Solicitors now.

Push payment scams

Push payment scams often happen as a result of an impersonation scam. These scams involve you sending money directly to fraudsters, typically via a banking app or your online banking platform.

Why bring a claim with LawPlus Solicitors?

  • No win, no fee
  • Millions of pounds recovered for victims of financial mis-sellling
  • Dedicated and sympathetic claims team
  • Stress and hassle-free claims process from start to finish

Get your money back after falling victim to a scam

If you’ve fallen victim to fraud, our experienced team of specialists is waiting to hear from you. We’ll investigate your case and tell you if we think you have grounds for a compensation claim. If so, you can then instruct us to bring a case against the relevant parties on a no win, no fee basis.

Regardless of how you’ve fallen victim to fraud or a scam, we’re here to help you get your money back!

How will you investigate my claim?

Our team of specialists have many years of experience in investigating financial mis-selling, fraud and scams.

Once we’ve completed our initial investigation, we’ll gather any additional information and contact the relevant parties that we believe to be responsible for you falling victim to fraud. This could include your bank or credit card company, investment platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges or any other entity where you were holding money or assets lost due to a scam.

We’ll aim to discover whether the relevant entity has failed to uphold its responsibilities around Anti Money Laundering (AML) or customer protection obligations.

What if I’ve been told it was my fault?

It’s relatively common for victims of scams and fraud to be told by their bank or other financial services provider that they were at fault and there is nothing that can be done. It’s also common for victims of scams and fraud to feel like they’re to blame for being scammed and that there’s nothing they can do.

But this isn’t the case.

Our dedicated team of experts have years of knowledge in this field and have a deep understanding of regulations around how financial services providers should protect you.

Even if you feel embarrassed at being scammed and feel like you are to blame, you can still get your money back. Fraudsters use various techniques to trick people into handing over cash. You weren’t the first victim, and you undoubtedly won’t be the last.

Can you help me even if I’ve already got some of my money back?


If you’ve been the victim of a scam or fraud, you’re entitled to get all your money back. Once we know the specifics of your case, how you came to be a victim of a scam or fraud, and what action you’ve taken so far and the results of this, we’ll be in a much better position to tell you how we can assist.

Contact LawPlus Solicitors today to get started

We understand the distress falling victim to a scam or fraud can bring to you and your family.

Our aim is always to investigate your claim and get your compensation as quickly as possible, and our experienced team is ready with a sympathetic ear to learn about you and your case.

Get in touch now to take the first steps to putting things right and getting your money back.

Scam and Fraud FAQs

We can help you get your money back if you’ve been a victim of a scam or fraud under a range of circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Investment scams
  • Cryptocurrency scams
  • Impersonation scams
  • Romance scams
  • Purchase scams
  • Push payment scams

For more information about these, see the Scam and Fraud Claims page.

Our scam and fraud specialists use various techniques to recover your money, including ascertaining how the fraud occurred and whether it could have been prevented.

It’s easy to feel foolish and that you’re to blame for your loss. A financial services provider might have even told you directly it was your fault and there is nothing they can do. However, our team of scam and fraud specialists have years of expertise in financial rules and regulations that can help you get all your lost monies back.

Yes. Clauses saying things like this are common in most financial services providers’ terms & conditions, but there are still various rules and regulations that they must uphold that could lead to you bring able to bring a successful claim to recover your losses from a scam or fraud.

Yes. You are under no obligation to use a solicitor or any third-party to try and recover your monies. In addition to contacting your financial services provider, you can complain to them about any unsatisfactory response you receive and may also be able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

However, it may save you time and increase your chances of success should you use specialists like LawPlus Solicitors to manage your claim. We provide a free, no-obligation review of your case, after which you can instruct us to bring a claim or choose an alternative means of getting your money back.

Should you choose to instruct us to bring your case, we’ll work on a no-win, no-fee basis and support you throughout, including if your case goes to court, and ensure the entire process is as hassle and stress-free for you as possible.

Nothing. We work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

When we conduct your free, no-obligation review of your potential claim, we’ll only suggest bringing a case if we believe you’re likely to win and get compensation. If you instruct us to proceed after we’ve suggested you have a strong case and you don’t win, you won’t pay us anything.

Contact us now to tell us what happened and get your free, no-obligation review of your potential claim.

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