Whiplash payout scale 2023: How much is my claim worth?

After a road traffic accident (RTA), the most common compensation claims are for whiplash injuries.

According to Government data, 550,000 of 650,000 – that’s nearly 85%! – RTA personal injury claims in 2020 were for whiplash.

While the Government introduced whiplash reforms and the Official Injury Claim platform to reduce the volume of potentially fraudulent whiplash claims, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue a genuine claim to get the compensation you deserve.

How much is my whiplash claim worth?

One of the most significant elements of the 2021 reforms was the introduction of a tariff to determine payouts for whiplash injuries. Introducing a tariff means there is now a greater level of consistency in whiplash compensation, while injured parties can now use the Official Injury Claim portal to make and manage claims themselves.

The primary determining factor in the value of your whiplash claim is the time it takes you to recover from your injuries. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t receive a compensation offer while you’re still recovering, but it does highlight the value of taking a long-term view and not accepting a compensation offer until you have made a full recovery.

If you did take a compensation offer while still experiencing symptoms of whiplash, you couldn’t then make another claim in 6 – 12 months if you still have the injury.

Whiplash payout scale 2023

The image below highlights the amount of compensation you can get for whiplash injuries as of January 2023, based on your recovery time. The additional compensation you can claim for psychological damages is not included in the image but ranges from £20 to £130, in line with the timeframes set out in the tariff.

image highlighting compensation payouts for whiplash injuries

Can I get more compensation if I suffer another injury?

Depending on the nature of your RTA, you might suffer additional injuries on top of whiplash. The image below describes how these injuries are treated when seeking personal injury compensation and highlights the potential value of claims involving specific injuries.

image showing potential compensation values for non whiplash injuries

How do I make a whiplash claim?

If you’re claiming for whiplash alone, your car insurance company will typically direct you to the Official Injury Claim portal. However, while the portal is supposed to make it manage your claim yourself, you might find this isn’t the case.

If you’re in this situation, you can contact us to deal with your claim on your behalf.

What if I have other injuries?

If you want to claim for injuries sustained in addition to whiplash, whether your insurer will direct you to Official Injury Claim will depend on the value of your claim.

For claims with an injury element valued higher than £5,000, you can’t use Official Injury Claim.

Irrespective of your injuries, you might find it easier to claim compensation by using a personal injury specialist to ensure you gather all the appropriate medical evidence and do everything possible to get the maximum compensation you can.

Can I claim for financial losses as part of a whiplash or injury claim?

Yes. You can claim for things like loss of earnings, travel expenses for needing to visit a medical professional for an assessment, and repair costs that you might have had to pay yourself while going through the claims process.

This is another area where instructing a personal injury specialist will help you get the highest possible compensation payout.

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