Housing Disrepair

Are you a tenant struggling to get your landlord to undertake repairs to your home?

Wherever you live, you have the right for your home to be safe to live in!

If your landlord has failed to rectify issues such as damp, mould, internal leaks, or structural issues, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Making a Claim for Housing Disrepair

Housing disrepair can pose both immediate risk to you and your family or have the potential to cause longer term issues.

Disrepair issues like structural defects or faulty electrical wiring might pose immediate danger, while mould and damp could potentially affect your health in the long term.

If you’ve reported repair issues to your landlord and they haven’t taken action, we can help you.

Not only should you not have to live in poor and potentially dangerous living conditions, but you might be entitled to compensation if your landlord hasn’t undertaken necessary repairs!

Contact us now to discover what you may be owed. We’ll help you get your money and push for the repairs to finally take place!

What types of housing disrepair can I claim for?

What types of housing disrepair can I claim for?

You may have grounds for a housing disrepair claim if your landlord has failed to take remedial action for a range of issues, including:

  • A defective boiler
  • Damp or mould around the property
  • Faulty and/or exposed electrical wiring and fittings
  • You were otherwise made to feel pressured into taking out a PCP deal.
  • Leaking roofs and guttering
  • Internal leaks, including damage caused by leaks that have been repaired
  • Cracked or otherwise defective windows and doors
  • Structural issues, including cracks to walls and sinking floors
  • Damage to pipework
  • Broken fittings or appliances, including white goods provided with the property
  • Rodent infestation

What types of housing disrepair can I claim for?

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