What decisions can be made for me under lasting power of attorney?

It depends on the type of LPA you have.

If you have a health and welfare LPA, your chosen attorney or attorneys can make decisions about your medical treatment and care, your daily routine, where you live, what you eat and drink and who can visit you.

If you have a property and financial affairs LPA, your chosen attorney or attorneys can make decisions and take actions like paying your mortgage, dealing with other bills and debts, selling your property, buying a new property to meet your needs, managing your pensions and investments, managing your bank account, and collecting benefits.

When you create your LPA, you will be able to give both instructions and directions to your chosen attorneys, covering actions or decisions that you insist must be taken, as well as indicating preferences but leaving the final decision to your attorney or attorneys. You can also indicate advance decisions in your lasting power of attorney, such as a desire not to be resuscitated in certain situations.

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