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Asset Protection and Estate Planning Workshops for your employees

Your employees work hard for your business, but do they know what they can do to protect their hard-earned wages and assets like their property?

While you enrol your team onto a fantastic workplace pension scheme and provide other benefits as part of their employment package, asset protection and estate planning is often left to individuals.

Often, people do not do anything about estate planning as they don’t realise how vital it is. Younger people, especially, can often think they don’t need a will or to have anything in place. People think it is something they can do later in life, but many never get around to doing it.

Mental Health is vitally important and many people worry about money & protecting their assets and do not know where to turn to gather information. This can affect productivity in the work place and worse still cause illness and time off of work. Many employers are now bringing in external specialists to offer help and guidance from Estate planning seminars to our team just being available on-site to talk to any staff that wish to come and have one to one’s. Why not give us a call or drop us an email to see which options would work in your business.

To help your employees and their families, our estate planning specialists will visit your company to deliver a workshop to your team. We will tell them everything they need to know to help them decide what aspects of estate planning they may wish to consider and explore further.

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What elements of estate planning will the workshop cover?

It depends on what your employees need.

We can deliver a workshop covering all elements of estate planning or tailor your session to cover whatever will help your employees the most.

Our aim is to deliver all the information your team needs, so they can subsequently make suitable decisions based on their circumstances.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

No one wants to think about a time when they cannot make decisions for themselves, but it is far better to be prepared for such scenarios.

Our estate planning specialists will discuss what setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney involves, why they should be considered a “must have,” and the potential consequences and risks of not having these in place.

Trusts & Protection for Vulnerable Beneficiaries

If you have team members with children under 18, they may be worried about protecting their assets so their children can inherit when they turn 18 or reach an age otherwise specified in their Will.

Our estate planning specialists will cover how trusts work, what options are available, and how they ensure young children or other vulnerable beneficiaries can receive the maximum possible benefit from an estate.

Threats to Inheritance

The foundation of asset protection and estate planning is the desire to help beneficiaries maximise their inheritance. Throughout our workshops, we discuss how the various elements of estate planning can help your employees mitigate threats to their estate, including minimising inheritance tax and estate administration fees.


A valid Will is the only way your employees can ensure their estate is distributed 100% per their wishes when they are gone.

During our workshop, we will cover why a Will is a vital foundation of both estate and financial planning and demonstrate examples of how a well-written Will can help loved ones after death and with the administration of an estate.

Funeral Plans

We are all going to die, and most of us will have a funeral of some description. And even if someone does not want a traditional, formal funeral, they will need to tell someone or, ideally, have a plan for what they want to happen when they die.

During our workshop, our team will cover all the potential options for creating a funeral plan and the benefits, particularly around cost, of doing so.

Why choose LawPlus?

Our team has a wealth of experience in the estate planning sector, making us ideally placed to inform your employees about everything they need to know, whether they want to write a will or learn more about what a Lasting Power of Attorney can do.

While our workshops are designed to be delivered to a group, we also appreciate that every individual has their own needs and circumstances. In addition to answering any specific questions your employees may have during our workshop, our estate planning specialists will also deliver a tailored, personal service to any who later come to us for assistance with any aspect of estate planning.

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