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Graff cyberattack sees world’s wealthy on leak list

There are concerns that some of the world’s best known, most powerful, and wealthiest people have had their personal details stolen by a gang of cybercriminals.

Russian cybercrime group Conti successfully hacked exclusive London-headquartered jeweller Graff and leaked nearly 70,000 confidential documents onto the dark web. While this represents a significant leak, Conti claims this is only around 1% of what has been stolen. It is thought the documents leaked so far involve around 11,000 Graff clients.

Jeweller says no data losses occurred

Despite the reports, Graff says most of its customers did not have any personal data stolen that would put them at risk of identity theft. While Graff also admitted that names and addresses had been stolen, it also said the risk of fraud was minimal as these were generally available elsewhere in the public domain anyway.

Details of theft emerge as gang demands ransom

According to reports, Conti wants a ransom of tens of millions of pounds paid in return for not leaking any further information. Cybercrime experts have suggested that the group may seek payment in Bitcoin or even demand Graff hands over valuable jewels. While Graff has not commented publicly on what it intends to do next, it seems unlikely they will pay any ransom demand, which would mirror the direction taken by an increasing number of brands following an attack.

Documents stolen in the hack are said to include client lists, invoices, receipts and credit notes.

The list of potentially compromised celebrities reads like a who’s who of the world’s rich and famous and includes:

  • Former US President Donald Trump
  • TV host Oprah Winfrey
  • Ex-England footballers David Beckham and Frank Lampard
  • Hollywood legends Tom Hanks, Samuel L Jackson, and Alec Baldwin

Global royal and political figures are also thought to be clients of Graff based on documents seen by several sources.

ICO investigates as Graff likely faces significant fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed it is investigating the Graff incident.

An ICO statement said: We have received a report from Graff Diamonds Ltd regarding a ransomware attack. We will be contacting the organisation to make further enquiries in relation to the information that has been provided.”

Meanwhile, a Graff spokesperson said, “Regrettably we, in common with a number of other businesses, have recently been the target of a sophisticated – though limited – cyber attack by professional and determined criminals.

“We were alerted to their intrusive activity by our security systems, allowing us to react swiftly and shut down our network. We notified, and have been working with, the relevant law enforcement agencies and the ICO.

“We have informed those individuals whose personal data was affected and have advised them on the appropriate steps to take.”

The ICO has the power to fine companies up to 4% of their turnover, but the outcome of their investigation remains to be seen.

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