Google Assistant joins the fight against data breaches

Thanks to Google’s latest software update, Android users should find it easier than ever to ensure their passwords stay secure.

The update, which should also help mitigate the effects of user data being involved in a data breach or being sold on the dark web, will harness Google’s Duplex on the Web technology to identify and automatically update passwords found to have been compromised by hacking or a data breach.

Google first showcased the tool in 2021 and is now rolling it out to Android users worldwide.

An enhancement to current security features

Anyone familiar with Android devices or using the Google Chrome browser will likely have already seen and used Google’s existing security features. Navigating to the saved passwords area makes it possible to see which of your passwords, if any, have been compromised in a hack or data breach.

However, at present, if you want to change the password, you need to do it yourself manually.

This new update will see Google notify users, who can then inform Google Assistant to automatically change the password in question, which the system will then also save to the browser or device’s built-in password manager.

According to reports, the notification will say: “To help you complete tasks, Google will receive the URLs and contents of sites on which you use Assistant, as well as information you submit through Assistant. This information may be stored in your Google account. You can turn off Assistant in Chrome settings.”

There will also be an option for users to ask to be taken to the relevant website to change the password themselves. Another existing feature – suggesting a strong password – will also remain.

What problems does this feature solve?

This new feature is another forward step in the fight against data breaches and fraud.

The most significant impact it could make is eventually helping people move away from lousy security habits like repeatedly using the same password. Many people believe that just changing a password for a compromised account is enough. However, cybercriminals will try that same email and password combination on thousands of other websites.

In addition, for users who set up automatic password updates, this feature will save them time while potentially mitigating the impact of the data breach.

You still have the right for your data to be protected

While this new feature is a vital step forward in the fight against cybercrime, businesses and other organisations must still protect your data integrity and privacy.

Ensure that you set up this feature on your Android device, but also question what’s happened when you get notifications that your data has been involved in a breach.

When companies compromise your data security through negligence or other means, you may be entitled to compensation. If you’re affected by a data breach, contact us here for a free, no-obligation review of your potential claim.

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