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Estate agent apologises for email hack and urges caution

Norfolk estate agent Sowerbys has told its clients and any lettings applicants registered with them to be “vigilant” following a hacking incident affecting its email system.

Sowerbys apologised following the incident on 24th January, saying the incident had occurred after fraudulent activity led to a “spam email” being sent from its systems.

The estate agent has warned any of its clients transferring funds to “exercise additional caution” following the hack.

An email sent by Sowerbys read: “We are aware some Sowerbys customers have received a spam email signed from ‘Aaron Watson’, a member of our team.

“Please be assured we are aware of the issue and are working closely with our IT support to resolve things as quickly as possible.

“Anyone transacting funds today are urged to exercise additional caution and call to confirm with your solicitor first.

“Customers are reminded to always remain vigilant and discard emails with spam or unusual content.

“We will provide a further update in due course and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact your local branch.”

It appears that Sowerbys is most concerned about people in its email database falling victim to a phishing scam, which could occur if the hacker responsible for this breach can send an email posing as Sowerbys and direct recipients to transfer money. Sowerbys customers may also be at risk of downloading malware onto their system by unwittingly clicking links.

Anyone receiving an email from Sowerbys is best served calling the relevant branch to confirm the content of the email. In these circumstances, customers should also use the phone number they already have on hand for their local Sowerbys branch, as the hackers may give fraudulent phone numbers for people to call and make fraudulent payments.

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