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Are Vodafone the latest victims of increasingly infamous hacking group?

Technology giant Vodafone has become the latest company – after Nvidia and Samsung – to potentially suffer a data breach at the hands of the increasingly infamous Lapsus$ hacking group. Most worryingly, the breach only seems to have come to light after Lapsus$ asked followers of its Telegram channel which company’s data they should leak next.

In addition to Vodafone, poll options were:

  • Impresa, a Portuguese media company that is known to have suffered a significant data breach in late 2021
  • MercadoLibre/MercadoPago, an Argentine eCommerce company

Vodafone investigating, but consumer data unlikely to be at risk

Vodafone, who, according to reports, is allegedly leading the Telegram poll with over half the vote, says it isn’t aware of any hack or subsequent data breach but that it is investigating.

TechRadar reported a Vodafone spokesperson as saying: “We are investigating the claim together with law enforcement, and at this point we cannot comment on the credibility of the claim. However, what we can say is that generally the types of repositories referenced in the claim contain proprietary source code and do not contain customer data.”

Lapsus$ claims to have 200GB of files containing Vodafone’s source code. However, the hacking group has not said whether it deployed a virus, ransomware, or another type of malware in the attack, which is still yet to be confirmed. Lapsus$ has also not disclosed whether it is negotiating with Vodafone or aiming to extract a ransom from the company.

Lapsus$ fast gaining global notoriety

If Lapsus$ did indeed hack Vodafone, in addition to the Portuguese and Argentine companies noted above, this would further add to their fast-growing global notoriety.

While their Samsung hack didn’t see any personal data compromised, the group did release a significant volume of source code data, which can potentially provide a gateway for attackers to compromise consumers.

The group was also responsible for leaking a vast tranche of data from Nvidia in recent weeks, including tens of thousands of employee records.

Image Credit: DANIEL CONSTANTE / Shutterstock.com

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