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Vulnerability in Apple tvOS potentially exploited by cybercriminals – users told to update software immediately

Apple recently disclosed that it had identified 18 software vulnerabilities in its’ tvOS. Among the disclosure were five vulnerabilities classed as high risk. Apple also admitted that it believed one of the vulnerabilities has potentially been exploited by cybercriminals.

Another blow to Apple’s reputation

This latest security disclosure strikes another blow to Apple’s reputation. Once seen as the gold standard in security, Apple has recently found itself increasingly dealing with security vulnerabilities across operating systems, software, and different devices.

If you’re an iPhone user and have noticed the frequency of software updates increasing, the growing number of security vulnerabilities being identified is why. Turning back to Apple tvOS, at the time of writing, a reported 166 vulnerabilities had been identified within this operating system alone so far in 2021.

What is Apple TV?

It’s basically Apple’s means of competing in the colossal global streaming market. Whereas you can access Netflix or Amazon Prime Video via an app on your smart TV, you need a set-top box to get Apple TV.

As of late 2021, Apple TV has around 30 million global users. A significant number that gives Apple around 6% market share of the worldwide streaming market, but way behind Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which boast over 200 million subscribers.

What are the main vulnerabilities that have been identified?

The vulnerability that Apple believes may have been exploited by cybercriminals relates to a flaw leading to memory corruption within the tvOS. It allows malicious applications to escalate user privileges within Apple tvOS, which could, in turn, allow a remote attacker to compromise the system and execute code to carry out a ransomware attack or steal data.

The affected versions of Apple tvOS are:

  • 14.0 18J386
  • 14.0.1 18J400
  • 14.0.2 18J411
  • 14.1
  • 14.2 18K57
  • 14.3 18K561
  • 14.4 18K802
  • 14.5 18L204
  • 14.6 18L569
  • 14.7 18M60
  • 15.0 19J346

What should Apple TV users do next?

Apple has released a security patch that deals with all 18 identified vulnerabilities within tvOS 15.1. If you’re an Apple TV user, ensure your set-top box is updated to this version. To ensure safety in the future, you should also turn on the automatic updates feature if you haven’t already done so.

If such a vulnerability leads to a data breach, you could be entitled to compensation

Did you know that if your data and privacy are compromised due to a device, software, or operating system vulnerability, you could be entitled to compensation?

You don’t need to have been a victim of financial fraud or identity theft to have grounds for a claim; the fact your privacy has been compromised is enough.

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