Have you been the victim of a data breach?

If you have been the victim of a data breach due to negligent processes or data mismanagement, you may be entitled to claim compensation, even if you have not suffered a direct case of fraud, such as identity theft, as a result.

If your data is lost, retained against your wishes, or otherwise destroyed, disclosed, or accessed in an unauthorised matter, you have grounds for a claim.

You can claim data breach compensation whether your data has been accessed by criminals or a business has shared or sold your data without permission to do so.

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Making a data breach claim

Falling victim to a data breach can lead to a vast range of consequences.

If you’re fortunate enough to quickly discover your data has been compromised after the event, you can mitigate some of the damage by, for example, cancelling bank and credit cards or changing passwords for your online accounts.

However, cybercriminals will usually do serious damage before you’ve had the chance to realise. This can lead to you suffering:

  • Financial theft, from your bank or credit card accounts
  • Identify theft, leading to inaccurate information on your credit file and debts being run up in your name
  • Difficulty acquiring credit in future while dealing with the consequences of the breach
  • Potential financial difficulties while you wait to get your money back
  • Long-term anxiety and stress

Even if you avoided any severe financial consequences, you can still claim compensation for the data breach happening in the first place!

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Not all data breaches are the same!

Compared to the potential financial consequences of a data breach, having your data sold or shared for marketing purposes without your permission may seem relatively trivial.

Yet, this is still a breach of your personal data and rights, and you can still claim compensation!

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What types of data breach claim can I make?

We can help you make a data breach claim against a wide range of organisations for a variety of data breaches.

These include:

  • Banking industry data breaches
  • Other financial industry, such as insurance, data breaches
  • Educational data breaches, including against schools and universities
  • Government data breaches
  • Local authority data breaches
  • Medical data breaches, against both public and private sector providers
  • Police data breaches
  • Other public service data breaches
  • Travel industry data breaches
  • Hospitality industry data breaches
  • Retail data breaches
  • Online shopping & eCommerce data breaches
  • Workplace data breaches
  • COVID-19 Test & Trace data breaches
  • Data protection claims if your data has been shared, used, or access without your permission

If you have fallen victim to any such data breach, you could claim compensation!

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